TTS Music Player
Configuration and Usage Instructions

Put your tablet on the dock. You will be prompted with this page.
You can now hit the round button on the left to bring out the menu for adding tracks to your playlist.

Your music strictly needs to be uploaded and hosted online
The Name field is optional but the Duration and URL fields are not.
Input your URL (link to your mp3 file), Name and Duration (i.e 3:42) in to their respective input fields.
The tablet supports MP3 files as well as YouTube/Soundcloud links and will create a playlist based on your inputs.
This will encode the playlist to this tablet specifically, so keep it nearby if you want to save or re-use your playlists.

The buttons on the dock do exactly what they are labelled as, i.e next goes to the next song in the playlist.
For additional controls such as pause and volume refer to the Inline Audio Controls displayed on the tablet.

Included on this demonstration tablet is an encoded playlist of the NCS: Infinity album.
For more in depth editing of playlists i.e deleting tracks, edit the table encoded on to your tablet.
Table entries are added as in the example below.
{ url = '', name = 'You', length = '4:19', },

Editing the LUA table is recommended for heavier and more in depth customization of playlists.
We can not offer playback of local files at this current time.
For more information, help and details, refer to the Workshop Submission.

3D Models, AssetBundle and Web Front End by CHRY | LUA scripting by MrStump